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  They take up permanent residence in our hearts. They offer us unconditional love. They are our cherished pets and we endeaver to hold onto the memory of their companionship long after they're gone. Because master craftsman George Hilton knows full well how precious the life  and /or memory of a beloved pet can be, he carved an exact  life sized duplicate of his six year old German Shorthaired Pointer "Jenny".


  "There may come a time when we lose Jenny" said his wife Janet, "but what George has given us with his astonishing talent is a 'forever' memory of Jenny as she is now that will out live us all".


   "George Hilton Creations" is the logo that can be found on his life sized birds, animals  or fish. "Each carved work is a one of a kind, just as is a revered pet", said George. He painstakingly  pays attention to every detail, measurement, shape and color to capture the character and essence as closely as possible of so endearing a pet.


  To ' immortalize' your pet in wood,  that is no longer living, or better yet still with you , you may call George directly to  commission a life sized replica at 978 476-6527.




"You gave me my bird back, thank you"!

                       ( Joshua E.) 6/12/15

30 year old Spectacled Amazon Parrot.

Immortalize your pet in wood.

  They love us unconditionally and we are better humans because of that love. Our pets come into our lives for a certain period of time but they live in our hearts forever.

  Whether your pet lives in your home or in your heart, you may commission a full size, true to life family heirloom. If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a George Hilton Creation of your beloved pet is priceless.

My Dog


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