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"There are no such things

       as Sea Monsters"!

"Tell that to those that are relentlessly pusued".

Fact #1  It is one of the fastest growing creatures in the sea, growing from the size of your little finger to four feet, in it's first year of life.


Fact #2  It is not rare. Females can spawn 2-3 times per year, yielding 80-100,000 eggs per event. 


Fact #3  It can be found anywhere the  the water is deep and warm, such as the Gulf Stream off of the New England coast.


Fact #4  It is one of the swiftest of ocean creatures approaching 50 knots.


Fact #5  It's teeth are perfectlly suited to shred, hold and swallow its prey.


Fact#6  It can often be found lying in ambush beneath any floating debris.


Fact #7  Its gyrating serpent - like body is often observed by awe struck fishermen, as it leaps high out of the water slashing at its prey.


Fact #8  Unparalleled in beauty by anything that swims. Its coloring of yellows, greens and blues defies accurate description. Sometimes described as neon / electrifying as it appears to illuminate the clear water during battle. The Spanish simply gave the name "Dorado", meaning gold. 


Fact #9  "Oh yes, there are Sea Monsters. I'm looking at one on my carving bench right now".

Available Fall 2015

 More pictures comming soon.

" The Bite is on " can be seen at the SALTBOX Galleries upcoming Art Show April 7,8,9 in Coolidge Hall located at the Topsfield Fair Grounds. 

"Coral Reef"

This diorama includes large and small tropical fish as well as a Moray Eel.

Aprox. 7' tall
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